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X-STORM ENDED: MAY 22nd, 2024.


What is Twitter/X storm?

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This x-storm is in support of lft protest in dc

List of X accounts to follow for more instructions about this Xstorm:

Organizers: @PhaedraXTeddy @Alejo_23Hn

Feline Guardians Admin: @felineguardians 

Call To Action Theme:


Please urge USA politicians and law enforcement to get involved and investigate the Cat Torture Ring that is being hosted and protected by American company @Cloudflare. These gangs use @Telegram to distribute violent cat torture videos to users GLOBALLY. The Cat Torture Ring in China is a threat to children and adults internationally and needs to be investigated immediately! 

Hashtags To Use:

#InvestigateOnlineCatTorture #HelpFelineGuardians

Handles To Tag: 

US-based Companies allowing Cat Torture Rings

@Cloudflare @telegram @session_app 

House Select Committee on CCP 

@committeeonccp @RepMoolenaar @CongressmanRaja @RobWittman @RepBlaine @RepAndyBarr @RepNewhouse @RepLaHood @DrNealDunnFL2 @RepJimBanks @RepDustyJohnson @RepSteel @RepAshleyHinson @RepCarlos @CmteOnCCPDems @USRepKCastor @RepAndreCarson @RepMoulton @RepRoKhanna @RepAndyKimNJ @RepSherrill @RepHaleyStevens @RepAuchincloss @RepRitchie @RepShontelBrown


@SFRCdems @ChrisVanHollen @SenJeffMerkley @SenBrianSchatz @SenDuckworth @ChrisCoons @SenatorRomney @SenatorTimScott @SenatorHagerty @SenatorRicketts 

DC FBI + Police

@FBIWFO @FBI @WhiteHouse @DCPoliceDept @INTERPOL_HQ

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X-Storm Guide

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🛑End Cat Torture Rings in China Now🛑 Join the Tweet (X) storm to help Save Cats In China! Automated 'one click to tweet' sheet 👉 

#HelpFelineGuardians #InvestigateOnlineCatTorture


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A #PROTEST is happening right now in Washington DC against Cat Torture Rings in China that are spreading WORLDWIDE recruiting teenagers to torture & murder cats for fun!  #InvestigateOnlineCatTorture⚠️ #HelpFelineGuardians ⚠️ 

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What are you doing about the CAT TORTURE RINGS in China that are spreading to the United States and countries Globally? #InvestigateOnlineCatTorture⚠️ #HelpFelineGuardians ⚠️ @SpoxCHNinUS @ChineseembinUS @AmbXieFeng @committeeonccp @RepMoolenaar @CongressmanRaja

#Telegram is allowing thousands of CAT TORTURE videos on their platform for children to watch! Request Evidence at  #InvestigateOnlineCatTorture⚠️ #HelpFelineGuardians ⚠️ @telegram @FBIWFO @FBI @WhiteHouse @DCPoliceDept @INTERPOL_HQ 

US-based company @Cloudflare is hosting and protecting Chinese CAT TORTURE RINGS public websites! #InvestigateOnlineCatTorture⚠️ #HelpFelineGuardians ⚠️ 

@SpoxCHNinUS @ChineseembinUS @RepMoolenaar @CongressmanRaja @FBIWFO @FBI @WhiteHouse @DCPoliceDept @INTERPOL_HQ

@Cloudflare @telegram @session_app is this the type of content allowed on your platforms? Are you aware of how many children you expose to cat in the blender and 1000s of cat torture videos? 


#InvestigateOnlineCatTorture⚠️ #HelpFelineGuardians ⚠️

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Monica was kidnapped, her owner was extorted for money & threatened by videos of Monica tortured for weeks! The Cat Torture Rings in China are dangerous and CRIMINAL gangs!

 🆘️@committeeonccp @RepMoolenaar @CongressmanRaja 🆘️


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PROTECT our children from #MadeInChina cat torture videos that are being distributed in USA🇺🇸 & GLOBAL countries ‼️ 

🆘️ @committeeonccp @ChineseembinUS @FBI @DCPoliceDept @INTERPOL_HQ🆘️


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Inform Chinese Ambassadors About Cat Torture Ring

Ambassadors, cats in China need your help!


🛑End Cat Abuse in China Now🛑 Join the Tweet (X) storm to help Save Cats In China! Automated 'one click to tweet' sheet 👉 




@EmbZhangRun Ambassador Zhang Run 张润 - HELP! #China has a long history of harmony with cats. Why allowing these individuals t0rture cats without punishments now? Please, impose strict sanctions on them!

#chinatravel #chinacats


@ChinaEmbajada @zhu_jingyang @ChinaEmbPeru @ChineseEmbinUS Since ancient times, China has coexisted harmoniously with cats. The torture rings bring disgrace to China; please punish them & enact animal laws!

#chinatravel #chinacats


@AmbXieFeng the #animals of #China need your help. China is missing animal protection legislation to protect them from abuse. You have the power to help with this. There are many good, loyal animal loving people in China who need protection for their pets.

#chinacats #chinatravel


@zhu_jingyang Ambassador Zhu Jingyang - HELP! #China has a long history of harmony with cats. Why allowing these individuals t0rture cats without consequence now? Please severely punish them!

#chinatravel #chinacats


Please urge the Chinese government to implement legislation aimed at apprehending members of these cat abuse gangs. Without legal constraints, these individuals continue to inflict harm on innocent animals. #chinatravel #chinacats @AmbXieFeng


@CGHuangPingNY Consul Huang Ping, please help to introduce animal protection laws so that companion animals & strays can be protected & treated humanely. We are all sentient beings but animals have no voice. You can change this. #chinacats #chinatravel


Cat abusers created @telegram stickers using videos of #chinacat t0rture. The lack of animal laws indirectly encourages them to disseminate gruesome content globally, promoted by terr0rist groups like #c31k


#chinacats #HainanExpo2024


It is my sincere hope Chinese authorities will act against this unchecked cancer of cruelty that is corrupting youth across the nation!

@EmbaixadaChina @BrazilEmbChina @EmbChinaMex @EmbZhangRun @ChinaEmbajada @zhu_jingyang @ChinaEmbPeru @ChineseEmbinUS @AmbXieFeng  @MFA_China


@EmbaixadaChina @BrazilEmbChina @EmbChinaMex Please help to introduce animal protection laws in China, much needed to protect animals from abus3. There are many loyal pet owners in China, you too may have pets. Hold animal abu4ers accountable! #chinacats #chinatravel 


@ChinaAmbUN19_24 Ambassador Zhang Jun, animals play such an important role in people's lives in many different ways. #China the only country among 5 permanent members of #UN Security Council lacks animal protection laws. Cats are suffering, please help!


@ChinaCG_NYC @ChinaConsulate @ConsulateSan HELP! Cats in #China are suffering. There are many loyal pet owners in China, you too may have pets. Cat t0rture rings garnered global condemnation. Please enact anti-cruelty laws and restore China's reputation!


@AmbXieFeng @CGHuangPingNY @CG_ZhangJianmin @ChinaCG_NYC @SpoxCHNinUS @ChinaConsulate @ConsulateSan @MFA_China Cat t0rturer ring hidden in @telegram extorted pet owner! Hoping for swift justice against the perpetrators! #chinacats #chinatravel


@ChinaAmbUN19_24 Ambassador Zhang Jun, animals play such an important role in people's lives in many different ways. #China the only country among 5 permanent members of #UN Security Council lacks animal protection laws. Cats are suffering, please help!

Are Cat Abusers Backed by Anti-China Organisation?

Promote cat torture as being legal in China

Gamify animal cruelty

Incite minors to live stream animal torture for illegal profits

Spread anti-government and anti-China remarks

Who are the people behind #jacklatiao cat torture ring?


They are hung, microwaved, grilled alive. They are put in bags and burned alive. They have their tongues taken out with burnt hot irons. I am not making this up, I've seen the images. I've seen the footage. I've seen this happen with my own eyes @MFA_China 


Why continue to let cruel & inhumane cat tortur3 groups go unpunished? Gamifying animal tortur3 is ridiculous. @SpoxCHNinUS @ChinaConsulate @ConsulateSan @MFA_China


#CatAbuser #LeiLi promotes "Cat torture is legal in China”. How is that possible? @ChineseEmbinUS @AmbXieFeng @CGHuangPingNY @CG_ZhangJianmin

#chinacats #chinatravel #HainanExpo2024


Notorious #WangChaoyi is highly suspected be supporting the hidden abusers after being exposed. We need Chinese police's help to identify the most cruel cat tortur3 ring in the world!


They make and sell cat torture videos via social media for profit, not just in China but around the world. Such barbarism must never be forgiven.  @MFA_China @EmbaixadaChina @BrazilEmbChina @EmbChinaMex @EmbZhangRun @ChinaEmbajada @zhu_jingyang @ChinaEmbPeru @ChineseEmbinUS


April 20, 2024. Eight innocent kittens fell victim to unimaginable cruelty. Not isolated incidents. Perpetrators lurk on @telegram faking adopters, exploiting defenseless animals for perverse pleasure & profits. @AmbXieFeng @MFA_China #chinatravel


#Cat cruelty incidents occurs daily, witnessed by hundreds of global anti-animal cruelty volunteers. Cat abusers, not bound by law, hide on Telegram, continuously challenging human conscience. We have their voice. We need your help Ambassador! @AmbXieFeng 


#jacklatiao groups anti-govt anti-Ch1na. What are their agendas? Tortur1ng cats for entertainment and profits, and smear #China? @ChineseEmbinUS @AmbXieFeng @CGHuangPingNY @MFA_China @China2ASEAN #chinatravels #chinacats


April 2024. "tug-of-war" two kittens' intestines. The unpunished criminals roaming free and throwing parties to gamify cat t0rture. It's an assault on anyone with a conscience, a blatant challenge & mockery to authorities of #China and worldwide.


Why allowing these anti-China cat abusers tarnishing #China's reputation? They are not just animal abusers but China haters instigating the teens in your country to torture innocent animals for fun and profits. DO SOMETHING




Yu & Chen two of the web admins suspected to receive funding from anti-China/Xi organizations. In one video, a note "Xi Jin Ping Step Down" appeared. Chen livestreamed cat t0rture b/w May and Aug 2023.

#chinatravel #chinacats

@ChinaEmbajada @zhu_jingyang


#jacklatiao groups anti-govt anti-Ch1na. Who are their sponsors? Please investigate! Do not let innocent cats suffer from extreme cruelty. #chinacats #chinatravels

@ChineseEmbinUS @AmbXieFeng @CGHuangPingNY @CG_ZhangJianmin @ChinaCG_NYC @ConsulateSan


@bilibili_en most popular media platform among young people in China, is suspected to promote animal t0rture culture to teens. "Tortur3 cat" is coded as "love cat" to avoid censorship. @mfa_china @ambxiefeng

#chinacats #chinatravels #HainanExpo2024


@Telegram 虐猫组织有很多个反中国分群,每日散播大量反华言论。除了不间断的残忍虐猫视频外,已经足够证据显示他们意图颠覆中国主权并极大程度侮辱中国国家领导人。希望 #中国 领导能重视并且尽快组织法律来惩罚这群变态怪物 @EmbChinaMex @ChinaEmbajada @zhu_jingyang 


In China, daily cat torture and killings reach extreme brutality. Criminals mock the government, claiming 'This is legal in China'. China must urgently create laws to apprehend and punish cat murderers.

@XinhuaChinese @PDChinese @MFA_China  @AmbXieFeng #chinatravel #chinacats


中国没有反虐立法。打着虐猫的幌子进行反华反动。进行虐杀猫革命!下图是投名状反华反动标语。中国政府该重视起来了。#chinatravel #chinacats #HainanExpo2024


#杰克辣条 团伙吸收教唆未成年人模仿恐怖分子、暗网、红色刑房等屠杀虐杀行为,鼓吹暴力极端恐怖活动,在互联网散布反政府言论。请严查!@ChineseEmbinUS @AmbXieFeng @CGHuangPingNY @CG_ZhangJianmin @ChinaCG_NYC @SpoxCHNinUS

#chinatravel #chinacats #HainanExpo2024


@bilibili_en video platform popular among the young generation in China. It's suspected of promoting animal cruelty while also directing users to @telegram. On this platform, the term 'love cats' is used as a euphemism for 'cat abuse' to evade scrutiny. 


@bilibili_en 作为中国年轻世代高度聚集的综合性视频社区,被怀疑在向青少年宣传虐待动物并成为亚文化,以及引流到@telegram。在该平台上,“爱猫”代指“虐猫”以规避审查。@ChineseEmbinUS @AmbXieFeng @mfa_china

#chinacats #chinatravels #HainanExpo2024 #bilibili

Call for legislation

It is not illegal to torture animals in China


We hope China can enact anti-animal cruelty laws!


@EmbaixadaChina @BrazilEmbChina @EmbChinaMex @ChinaEmbajada @ChinaEmbPeru @ChineseEmbinUS @Frontlinestory @PDChinese @ChinaCG_NYC @ChinaConsulate @ConsulateSan @MFA_China


Sign petition by @LadyFreethinker! Over 90k signatures now, help us reach 100k.

#chinacats #chinatravel #HainanExpo2024


Save #China's innocent cats! Urgent need for the Chinese government and police to arrest cat torturers, enforcing animal cruelty laws. Stop the barbarity!

@AmbXieFeng @CGHuangPingNY @CG_ZhangJianmin @ChinaCG_NYC

#chinacats #chinatravel #HainanExpo2024


Demanding China enact strict anti-cruelty laws. Cat torturers must face severe consequences. Time for change is now.

@ChinaEmbajada @zhu_jingyang @ChinaEmbPeru @ChineseEmbinUS

#chinacats #chinatravel #HainanExpo2024


Dear 🇨🇳 Chinese government & police, please enact animal anti-cruelty laws, arrest animal abus3rs ASAP, put an end to this brutality!  @SpoxCHNinUS @ChinaConsulate @ConsulateSan @MFA_China

#chinacats #chinatravel #HainanExpo2024


How they work as a syndicate & make profits from torturing cats? Up: Yang Yang, Lei Li &"Cat Doctor", brutally torture cats for 20+ years. Mid: tortur3, film&sell cat torture video. Down: fake adopt cats for tortur3. Teens are instigated. #chinacats


The animal tortur3 syndicates have been known for more than 10 years. Every once in a while there are proposals to legislate. Will it happen this year? 

@MFA_China @AmbXieFeng @EmbZhangRun

#chinacats #chinatravel #HainanExpo2024


China's absence of animal abuse prohibition and welfare laws leads to repeated cat torture and abuse. We call on China to establish laws for animal protection. @MFA_China @AmbXieFeng @cloudflare @ChineseEmbinUS @ChinaConsulate

#chinatravel #chinacats