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Template Letters

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Template - To Chinese Embassy (by Lady FreeThinker)

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Dear Embassy of The People's Republic of China:

My name is [FULL NAME ] and I am writing to implore you to address the horrific activity of cat torture groups in China. A ring of cat torture groups in China continues to mutilate and kill cats online – for profit and for “fun” according to several news sources. Innocent cats have been boiled alive, set on fire, electrocuted, and placed in blenders or meat grinders, according to witnesses and information reviewed by the animal welfare organization Lady Freethinker.

There is no excuse for animal abuse. The vile and immoral activities of cat torture groups will only worsen unless authorities in China address the problem – by passing nationwide legislation to criminalize animal abuse and by dedicating resources to investigate and stop the ring of cat torturers in China. I believe that cats and other innocent animals in China deserve protection. I am not alone in this belief. A petition from the animal welfare organization Lady Freethinker has been signed by over 100,000 people. You can view the petition here:

Please show compassion for animals by advocating for nationwide animal protection legislation in China.



 [City Country] 

Template - To Consul General in NYC (English)

To: Consul General Huang Ping


Subject: Urgent request


Evidence from animal activists worldwide points to a heinous online cat abuse network in China, with disturbing group chats, videos, and photos. These groups brutally torture and kill cats, sharing their cruel acts on social media and apps like Telegram and Twitter for amusement and profit, subjecting animals to extreme suffering.


Cats are boiled alive, put in microwaves and juicers, amputated, dissected, skinned, and fed with acid substances, and posted online. This kind of behavior is not only inhumane, immoral, and violent, but also mentally harmful for viewers, which also includes adolescents and minors who have access to these online platforms.

Due to NO ANIMAL CRUELTY LAW to hold these abusers accountable, these offenders are free to perpetuate their heinous acts without end. As of February 2024, an estimated number of more than 500 cats have been tortured and killed as part of this group. The proliferation of their brutal content on the internet delivers a serious blow to public sensibility, triggering deep outrage and potential psychological trauma; they are also corrupting young minds and broadening their influence within zoosadistic circles worldwide.

Extensive research findings have confirmed the existence of a direct link between Cruelty to animals and violence toward humans.

I therefore strongly urge Chinese Government to implement animal protection laws and introduce severe punishment for animal abusers.



Template - To Consulates and Embassy in France (French)



Nous vous implorons Mr. Lu Shaye - Ambassadeur de Chine en France

D'user de votre pouvoir afin que l'Etat Chinois prenne des mesures immédiates pour protéger les animaux sur ce dit territoire ! Nous exigeons la mise en place d'une loi contre les actes de cruauté animale ! L'arrestation et la mise en peine de ces individus commettant ces actes d'une cruauté extrême ! De par votre statut, vous êtes en mesure d'influer sur ces prises de décision.

Sachez que de nombreuses populations s'indignent que de tels agissements puissent subsister. Souhaitez-vous que le pays que vous représentez soit connu pour être un lieu d'enfer pour les animaux ?

De par l'inertie du gouvernement chinois, une communauté en ligne extrêmement dangereuse et inquiétante s'est propagée. Ses membres font subir des actes tout bonnement horrifiques à des chats : Mis dans des mixeurs ainsi que des micros-ondes ou des fours, griller lentement sur le feu, sectionner des parties du corps, trempés dans des produits chimiques pour les laisser se dissoudre vivants, enlèvement de la peau, gratter et arracher les yeux, écrasé à coups de marteaux, submergés dans de l'eau bouillante, pendus par le cou et les oreilles, perforés de barres de fer, dents et ongles arrachés.

Ces derniers, nous ne cesserons de le rappeler sont des êtres-vivants acquis d'une sensibilité tout comme vous, et éprouvant une douleur physique, aucunement moindre que nous pourrions ressentir. Leur séance de torture est filmée, et diffusée en ligne sur des plateformes mondiales, telles que Telegram ou Twitter, ces individus extrêmement dangereux peuvent donc mener de jeunes esprits vers la voie du mal. L'avenir de notre humanité s'avère très inquiétant, si nous ne faisons rien.

Nous vous rappelons les mots de Gandhi "On peut juger de la grandeur d'une nation par la façon dont les animaux y sont traités" par conséquent la Chine est au niveau le plus bas de la civilisation. Il s'agit par ici d'un enjeu éthique où le vrai caractère de nos âmes sera révélé.

Nous, soussignés, appelons, M. Lu Shaye Ambassadeur de Chine ainsi que toute autorité compétente à prendre des mesures sévères pour mettre fin de toute urgence à ce réseau de torture.

Template - To Consulates and Embassy in Peru (Spanish)



Estimado representante de China en el país de Perú;

Las pruebas de activistas de animales en todo el mundo apuntan a una horrenda red de abuso de gatos en línea en China, con perturbadores chats grupales, videos y fotos. Estos grupos torturan y matan brutalmente a los gatos, compartiendo sus crueles actos en redes sociales y aplicaciones como Telegram y Twitter, para diversión y lucro, sometiendo a los animales a un sufrimiento extremo.

Los gatos son hervidos vivos, colocados en microondas y licuadoras, amputados, diseccionados, desollados y alimentados con sustancias ácidas, y luego publicados en línea. Este tipo de comportamiento no solo es inhumano, inmoral y violento, sino también mentalmente perjudicial para los espectadores, que también incluyen a adolescentes y menores que tienen acceso a estas plataformas en línea.

Debido a la AUSENCIA DE LEYES DE CRUELDAD ANIMAL para responsabilizar a estos abusadores, estos delincuentes están libres para perpetuar sus actos horrendos sin fin. Hasta febrero de 2024, se estima que más de 500 gatos han sido torturados y asesinados como parte de este grupo. La proliferación de su contenido brutal en internet afecta seriamente a la sensibilidad pública, provocando una profunda indignación y un posible trauma psicológico; también están corrompiendo las mentes jóvenes y ampliando su influencia dentro de círculos zoosadistas en todo el mundo.

Investigaciones exhaustivas han confirmado la existencia de un vínculo directo entre la crueldad hacia los animales y la violencia hacia los seres humanos.

Por lo tanto, insto enérgicamente al Gobierno Chino a implementar leyes de protección animal e introducir severas sanciones para los abusadores de animales.


Template 1 (English & Chinese)

Dear Chinese Embassies,

I am writing respectfully regarding contents of extremely cruelty, shaking the world and China’s reputation! In recent days, individuals such as Lei Li, Huo Bo, Chen Xilin, Wang Zhenhua, Wang Chaoyi, Li Yizhuo, Liu Yi and others have been suspected of severe animal abuse, engaging in shocking and socially disruptive behaviors such as killing cats with blenders, live dissecting mother cats and feeding them their own kittens, and holding “Hundred Cats Slaughter” competitions. They also utilize international social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and TikTok to spread shocking cat abuse content, affecting the mindset of young people globally. More worryingly, they are suspected of money laundering, organizing anti-party and anti-government activities, and illegally fundraising overseas. The chat messages about cat torture in their Telegram groups are circulating all over the internet, hurting China’s reputation.

I am fully aware that this issue has transcended being merely an internal matter for China; it is disseminating fear and harmful information globally, affecting young people worldwide. Therefore, I earnestly request your country to start an investigation on the criminal syndicate and enhance legislation, severely punish such behaviors to protect the rights of innocent animals and uphold social justice and harmony.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Sincere regards,





Template 2 (English & Chinese, short version)


最近,有关中国的动物虐待的消息非常令人不快。关于虐待和杀害猫的视频已为世界所知。 并且,虐待动物者向未成年人散播暴力血腥影像,严重影响到未成年人甚至成年人的心理健康。



To Whom It May Concern, 

The recent news about animal cruelty in China has been very unpleasant. Videos of the torture and killing of cats have become known around the world. Moreover, animal abusers spread violent and bloody images to minors, seriously affecting the mental health of minors and even adults. 

With all this, they have not been punished by law. I sincerely hope that China can enact animal protection laws to protect young people in China and around the world.

Sincere regards,

Template 3 (English) - To Legislative Bodies

To National People's Congress, The Chinese Supreme People's Court, and Whom It May Concern:

I write this to you from [City, Country]. 

I recently came across many groups in China torturing kittens and live-streaming these heinous daily acts, for profit. The groups are growing and it stemmed from a video of a cat being put in a blender, then put into a microwave by a well-known blogger Xu Zhi Hui 徐志辉 in China. He was hardly punished and released 2 months later, and continuing to torture kittens today. What the most shocking is, this is not just an isolated case, there is a whole highly organized criminal group active daily to brutally torture cats.  

Cat abusers, 雷厉Lei Li and 霍博Huo Bo from Wuhan, 王朝溢Wang Chaoyi from Guangxi, 李一卓Li Yizhuo, Li Zhiyang李志扬 from Hunan, and their gang members across China used the killing of tens of thousands of cats and produced illegal violent and bloody videos for profit over a decade, but they did not receive the punishment they deserved. His accomplices escaped and were not pursued by the police. In addition, his organization members still cruelly used indescribable cruel methods such as roasting, gouging, and dismembering animals every day, without any police investigating, there is no law to punish them! Their six international customized animal cruelty websites can be freely downloaded in any country, which violates the human bottom line. How can the United Nations conventions not be dealt with? Please urge local police to further investigate the abusers across China, they are not just torturing cats but also harming teenagers' mental health! 

I was deeply shocked by how kittens and cats from China were tortured, burned alive and guillotined on Telegram. The perpetrators are extremely primitive and evil and do not represent a good image for the Chinese people. It not only affects the victims, but is causing distress and trauma to the public. Moreover, they even deliberately tempt teenagers in China to join them, this is detrimental to the future generations of China. There are several serious issues at hand here that need to be addressed immediately. 

Why don't you punish them? Why is torturing animals legal in one of the world's oldest cultures? The reputation of China is being seriously affected, and worldwide, as more and more people are becoming aware. We don't understand the total lack of empathy and disregard for life. Why is there no protection, no compassion? What does this attitude do to how the rest of the world view China? 

I urge you to pressure on local police to further investigate the aforementioned abusers and hold them accountable for the atrocities they conducted, and misleading teenagers into violent acts. They are damaging China’s image!  

Furthermore, I urge you to take action and we implore you to change your laws to ban animal torture accordingly. I believe legislation for animal anti-cruelty laws will bring numerous benefits to China.