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Q: What is the cat torture ring?

A: A growing online community that has dedicated themselves to the abuse, torture and killing of cats for purposes of commerce and pleasure. Please watch YardFish's Youtube Video "The Cat Torture Ring" (non-graphic) for a detailed coverage.

Q: I would like to make a donation, how can I do that?

A: The Feline Guardian community is volunteer based. We have not set up fundraising campaigns. Please donate to local rescue groups in China and/or registered animal organizations. Be cautious of potential scams requesting donations in the name of Feline Guardians.

Q: What is Feline Guardians affiliation with Politics?

A: Feline Guardians is a strictly apolitical organization. We are dedicated solely to the mission of stopping cat torture and abuse. Our work is focused on animal welfare and operates independently of any political affiliations or influences. Our commitment is to the protection and well-being of cats, and we do not engage in any political activities or endorse any political parties or candidates.

Q: What can we do to help?

A: Here are some ways an individual or group can help: 

Q: Why does Feline Guardians focus on cat torture networks in China?

A: China has no animal cruelty laws which has allowed groups of psychopaths to create what we refer to as “torture networks”. These networks operate much like an online business or online community and utilize social media, messaging apps, money exchange, and web services to grow a community that enjoys extremely cruel torture inflicted on kittens and cats. Most other countries have animal cruelty laws OR other laws in place to punish these actions or mitigate this type of organized crime. In China, authorities do not punish these actions. China is a major contributor to the proliferation of this type of disturbing organized crime. Animal abuse happens all around the world, but the cat torture network is unique and poses a more substantial global threat than a singular abuse incident.

Q: Is the cat torture happening all over China or just in some specific cities/regions?

A: The prevalence of cat abuse is notable in several regions, with identified cases in Wuhan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan, and Anhui provinces. Additionally, significant incidents have been reported in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. These findings suggest an increasing trend of cat torture incidents across all regions in China.

Q: Are all members Chinese or one can find other nationalities in this torture group?

A: Based on collected evidence, the majority in the Telegram group are likely Chinese, with some foreign participants of unspecified nationalities. Several abusers posting cat torture videos are suspected to be from the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, and India, with individuals like Sommer Burtis identified as a U.S. citizen and Zen Li as a U.S. green card holder.

Q: Are the people of China doing anything about it?

A: From May to August 2023, following the Cow Cat incident, there has been widespread outrage among animal lovers throughout China. Previously, the abusers would publicly announce their upcoming live torture streaming sessions and extort members of animal protection groups and prominent social media influencers. They would make demands such as money or nude photos, using innocent cats as leverage. In response, activists nationwide would embark on exhaustive searches to locate and rescue the cats at risk of torture, while the torturers’ syndicate took great delight in the attention. 

Contrastingly, the China police force has not prioritized dismantling this group or establishing laws to hold the abusers accountable. Instead, substantial efforts have been made to suppress news of these activities on all Chinese social media platforms. The voices of animal lovers in China are silenced—not due to inaction, but because all efforts to raise awareness and drive change are actively suppressed. This is why it's important to get the word out worldwide, as international pressure is needed for the government of China to respond to.

Q: How are these abusers getting away with these atrocities?

A: There is no animal cruelty law in China. A few abusers were detained for 3 - 15 days case-dependent, in the name of other criminal charge (e.g., broke other’s car window while trying to catch a cat, stole a pet cat which is seen as private property).

Q: If it’s illegal in many countries why haven’t the website servers removed their sites?

A: The issue primarily stems from intricate jurisdictional challenges. The cat abuse network is predominantly based in China, yet their websites are hosted by web service providers in the United States. Law enforcement agencies and organizations in countries outside China and the U.S. often lack the impetus to intervene. In China, the lack of domestic anti-animal cruelty laws and the international hosting of these sites diminishes local police involvement. Moreover, the situation has yet to garner sufficient attention to prompt action from U.S. federal law enforcement.

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