Organized Abuses

Hundred Cat Kill Contest

Telegram Cat abuse Red Chamber, October 2023.

Hundreds gather in this Telegram group for a disturbing “100 Cat Kill” contest. Both stray and pet cats are subjected to horrific abuse: being dismembered, burned, having their eyes gouged out, and more. A chilling incentive pinned in the group offers $500 for the highest number of cats killed.

The timing chosen by the cat abuse gang is sinister. The event starts on September 22nd, the day after the gang leader, known as the "Cat Addiction Therapist," Wang Chaoyi is released from detention, and ends on October 6th, during the Chinese National Day holiday period. According to feedback from volunteers, on the day Wang Chaoyi, the gang leader, was released after 15 days of detention, he went online on Telegram and had a conversation with members of the cat abuse gang. Afterward, the "Hundred Cat Slash" event came to light.

For over half a year, individuals in a cat torture ring, including Wang Chaoyi, Zhong Jiaqing, Li Yizhuo, Liu Yi, and others, have engaged in shocking behaviors such as killing cats with blenders, live-dissecting mother cats to feed them their own kittens, and organizing “Hundred Cats Slaughter” competitions. They operate six websites shielded by Cloudflare, with domain names purchased through Namesilo and identities protected by Privacy Guardian in Arizona, USA. They also use international social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and TikTok to disseminate distressing cat abuse content, even illiciting teenagers to sell videos for their profitable business. Additionally, they are suspected of money laundering, orchestrating anti-party and anti-government activities, and conducting unauthorized fundraising overseas.

This video was screen captured from their Telegram group, where torturers upload their cat abuse videos and anyone with the invite link can join to watch. This issue has transcended being merely an internal matter for China; it is disseminating fear and harmful information globally, affecting people worldwide.

Despite various interventions, this group persists. We share this out of desperation, as innocent animals continue to suffer daily. The world needs to wake up and act.

Screenshot of a running ranking of abusers with the most cats killed.  Telegram group dedicated to the Hundred Cat Kill contest. The name of the telegram group is taken from a well known cat shelter run by animal lovers. At the end of the contest, abuser Sunny killed 11 cats, topping all others. 

The Telegram group shown in the screenshots below has been disbanded. 

Offline 'Torture Party' before Chinese New Year 2024

January 16, 2024. This was posted in a cat torture Telegram group of over 1000 people. This has been going on for months. #CatAbusersChina have caught 20 cats and offered customized tortures, in their so called "offline cat torture party" in (suspected) #Guangzhou Baiyunshan Park.

Source: @CatAbusers_CN

Livestream torturing cats for profits

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Influencing Minors

Attracting minors to purchase videos, and inducing minors to abuse animals and join the cat-abusing gang.

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