Contact U.S.A. Representatives 


Make calls and send letters to your US-Representative, informing them of the critical social impact of Cat Torture Rings in China.

1. Use this link to find your three Congressional Representatives (One in the House of Reps, and two Senators)

2. Phone call is the most effective. Call their offices and alert them of the situation with online cat torture. Ask that they 1) contact the Chinese embassy and implore them to enact an animal cruelty law, and 2) contact the FBI and other relevant law enforcement to investigate US websites and companies involved in facilitating the spread of this graphic illegal content.

3. Call different offices. Each Representative has an office in DC and at least one office in their home District/State. Call all of the offices if you have to.

4. Send an email and / or physical letter. Copy Letter Template below. Be sure to send letters to each of their offices.

5. Follow-Up. Conduct weekly follow-up calls to request updates on the status of your inquiry.

6. Spread the word! Get others to make calls, send letters and email along with you.


Subject: Urgent Request

To Whom It May Concern,

Evidence from animal activists worldwide has uncovered a heinous online cat abuse network in China, characterized by disturbing group chats, videos, and photos. These groups brutally torture and kill cats, sharing their cruel acts on social media platforms and apps like Telegram and Twitter for amusement and profit. This content is easily accessible to children and other vulnerable and impressionable individuals globally.

Cats are subjected to horrific acts such as being boiled alive, placed in microwaves and juicers, amputated, dissected, skinned, and fed with acidic substances. These inhumane behaviors are not only immoral and violent but also mentally harmful to viewers, including adolescents and minors who have access to these online platforms.

Due to the absence of animal cruelty laws to hold these abusers accountable, offenders continue their heinous acts without consequence. As of February 2024, it is estimated that over 500 cats have been tortured and killed as part of this group. The proliferation of their brutal content on the internet delivers a serious blow to public sensibility, triggering deep outrage and potential psychological trauma. They are also corrupting young minds and expanding their influence within zoosadistic circles worldwide.

Extensive research has confirmed a direct link between cruelty to animals and violence toward humans.

I therefore urgently request that you:


[your name]